Septic Tank Pumping


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The last problem you want to deal with on your own is an overflowing Septic Tank. Birmingham Plumber has been a specialist in Septic Tank Pumping for over 30 years. Serving the entire city of Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Over flowing Septic Tanks occur when there is a blockage in the Drain Field or the Drain Line, or when a large amount of rain has filled up the Septic Tank, or when to much water from the house (such as long showers, running sinks, long dishwasher use, or washing machine) has filled up the tank.

These are common problems and can be fixed very quickly. Our well trained service professionals are on call to pump out your Septic Tank and handle any problems that might arise. We also use BioClean, a biological solution that aids in the reduction of waste and flow of the line.

We are positive that you will be more than completely satisfied with our Industrial and Commercial Septic Tank Pumping services. Our experienced technicians are available for service calls through out the work week. A best practice and for proper maintenance you should have your Septic Tank Pumped out every 2-5 years. This will most likely eliminate the hassle and problem of a back up in your home.

Don’t wait for a problem to occur, act now and have a service professional pump your tank out and preform the maintenance that is required. Contact Birmingham Plumber for you Septic Tank Pumping Needs!

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