Grease Traps


Our Birmingham plumbers have extensive expertise with pumping, maintaining grease traps, and handling BioClean. We provide grease trap pumping services to restaurants and other food service establishments throughout the Birmingham area. Often times we are faced with questions regarding grease traps, mostly about why they are needed.

Simply stated, a grease trap can be located inside or outside of your commercial establishment. Typically the location of the grease trap is determined by the amount of grease that the establishment will dispose of on a monthly basis. If you have a grease trap that is located indoors, it is possible that you can maintain this with no need to hire a professional grease trap pumping service.

The purpose of the grease trap is to filter out and intercept the fats, oils and greases (FOG) from cooking. If this cooking waste is not removed it can clog sewer lines and it has the ability to wreak havoc on municipal sewer systems. It is this environmental impact that has led municipalities (including Birmingham and Jefferson County) to institute heavy fines for commercial cooking facilities that do not properly maintain their grease traps. A little known fact is that grease is the number one source for sewer blockages. We have worked with many Birmingham area businesses to provide grease trap cleaning and pumping services as needed, whether on a monthly or weekly basis. We also use BioClean as a proactive effort to reduce the amount of waste and control the flow of waste.

Local information for Grease Trap or Grease Interceptors: Some grease traps have to be pumped out every 15 days or up to every 90 days. Paper work must be done every 15 days according to Jefferson County Health Department on interceptors and every 90 days on 1000 gallon grease traps.

If you own a restaurant, or business that handles and processes food, feel free to contact us regarding our grease trap pumping and cleaning. Additionally, if you are a developer that needs to have multiple grease traps installed, feel free to contact us regarding our multiple grease trap discounts. Call us directly at 205-497-0354 with any questions.