Faucet Repair


Leave Faucet Repair to the Experts!

When your faucet isn’t working properly, and it is constantly dripping, you pay the price in both wasted water and money. A dripping faucet can leak over one thousand gallons of water in a year’s time. You can prevent wasting one of earth’s precious resources by allowing Advance Plumbing’s licensed and insured professional technician repair your leaky faucet.

Everyone at some time in their lives has tried to save money by fix their own leaky faucet. However, do-it-yourself faucet repairs techniques often times results in additional damage from lack of experience or proper tools. Although faucet repair is not considered a difficult job, you have to take a few things into consideration, for example, the age of a faucet, and many other variables — this often requires a professional approach. You’ll find that our faucet repair service is affordable, and we utilize all the latest tools and equipment on every plumbing job. We will spare you the late-night drips of water – and your money – down the drain.

Our skilled and licensed plumbers are trained to meet certain regulations when repairing a broken faucet. If your faucet problems require you to invest in a brand new faucet, we will recommend options based on quality and cost so your installation job doesn’t have to wait. In addition to the latest tools and equipment, we also use the highest quality materials on all our plumbing repair projects. Most of all, many items are covered by warranty.

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